OER Funding: Technical mini projects and Literature Review

There is funding available for two areas relating to open educational resources.

Technical mini projects

JISC has provided CETIS with funding to commission a series of OER Technical Mini Projects to explore specific technical issues that have been identified by the community during CETIS events such as #cetisrow and #cetiswmd and which have arisen from the JISC / HEA OER Programmes.

Mini project grants will be awarded as a fixed fee of £10,000 payable on receipt of agreed deliverables. Funding is not restricted to UK Higher and Further Education Institutions. This call is open to all OER Technical Interest Group members, including those outwith the UK. Membership of the OER TIG is defined as those members of oer-discuss@jiscmail.ac.uk who engage with the JISC CETIS technical discussions.

The CETIS OER Mini Projects are building on rapid innovation funding models already employed by the JISC. In addition to exploring specific technical issues these Mini Projects will aim to make effective use of technical expertise, build capacity, create focussed pre-defined outputs, and accelerate sharing of knowledge and practice. Open innovation is encouraged: projects are expected to build on existing knowledge and share their work openly.

More information available on Phil Barker’s JISC CETIS blog announcement.

Literature Review on Learner’s Use of Learning Resources

As part of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)/JISC Open Educational Resources (OER) programme the HEA is offering a £10,000 grant for an insightful analysis of the literature which focuses on learners’ use of online resources to aid their learning.

The study will provide a greater understanding of the ways in which learners, whether or not in formal education, use online resources to aid their learning experiences and the factors which influence the selection of resources.

This work forms part of the second phase of the OER programme which is making a wide range of high quality higher education resources freely available, easily discovered online and routinely re-used and repurposed by both educators and learners worldwide.

More information available on the HE Academy news item.

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