Training for JISC project staff starting up and enhancing repositories

The Repositories and Preservation Programme contains a strand called start up and enhancement. This is our straight talking strand in that all the projects are either starting up a new repository or enhancing an established one.

One of the interesting things about this strand is that all the funding for projects was provided on a matched basis, i.e. JISC funded a maximum of 50% of the project costs. The idea behind this was that if the institution invested in the project then there was a greater chance of them continuing to invest in the resulting repository once the JISC funding had ceased, therefore leading to more sustainable outputs. However sustainability is not just about pumping money into technology, it is also about the people involved and their skills. The 44 projects in this strand contain a lot of project staff and the skills they develop during their projects will be invaluable in developing the repository infrastructure in the UK over the coming years. Therefore it is important that JISC do all they can to support project staff in developing their skills. One way we are addressing this issue is to fund a programme of training for the start up and enhancement project staff.

The project to provide this training is called SUETR (Start Up and Enhancement TRaining) and will be run by Maureen Pennock at UKOLN over the next year. The project will start with a training requirements gathering exercise which will assess what training is required and what is the most appropriate delivery method for that training. The SUETR project will work very closely with the Repositories Support Project and any online training materials such as podcasts, slides and notes will be distributed to the wider community via the Repositories Support Project website.

While this training programme is provided for project staff in the start up and enhancement strand, it is possible that there will be spare places at some of the training sessions. When this happens the spare places will be offered to the wider community so keep your eye on this blog and the JISC-repositories mailing list for announcement of any training opportunities.

If you want to know more about this training, please feel free to contact me.

Posted by: Andy McGregor