Roll up, roll up for the Developer Happiness Days

JISC are sponsoring an event aimed at software developers in HE on February 9th-13th 2009.

The event will consist of training activities, a development competition, community focused events and a whole lot of networking opportunities.

The event will take place in London. Entry will be free and is designed for developers working in all areas of HE.  Developers from outside the UK and from the commercial sector are also very welcome to attend. If you aren’t a software developer but are still interested then you may want to come along to learn, network, observe and maybe provide a user perspective for the developers participating in the event. 

There is an event blog which has a registration form and some further details

Please sign up if you are interested. There are places for about 200 people.

The blog will be updated with more details of the event in due course. 

The event tag is dev8D, please use it when discussing the event. 

If you have any questions about the event, please leave a comment on the event blog or email d dot flanders at bbk dot ac dot uk or  a dot mcgregor at jisc dot ac dot uk.

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