3 thoughts on “The Information Environment (and Virtual Research Environment) Call for Proposals November 2008

  1. Neil Jacobs

    Several people have asked what counts as a “repository”, especially with respect to strand A5 of the call.

    For the purposes of this call for proposals, a repository is a managed store of content that enables sharing of that content, so the key words are ‘managed’, ‘sharing’ and ‘content’. If a filestore (etc) does this adequately for the intended users then fine, though obviously for strand A5 it would benefit from some enhancement.

    Please note that whatever definition of “repository” bidders use, they must read Section 4 of the briefing document (linked from the above post) – there are some conditions the repository would have to meet by the end of the project.

  2. Neil Jacobs

    There have been some queries about how the structure of the proposals (outlined in para 167) maps to the evaluation criteria in para 166. In particular, para 167 includes “Impact”, which is not a headline evaluation criterion. It is, however, included under “Appropriateness and fit to programme objectives and overall value tio JISC community”. We are asking that proposals explicitly highlight the expected impact of the project, and this will be evaluated alongside other relevant aspects of the proposal, under the “Appropriateness” criterion. I hope that clarifies.

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