Sharing citations?

An international workshop in Amsterdam in March, funded by JISC, SURF and DRIVER, discussed work needed to improve interoperability between repositories. Four areas of work were focused upon:
– citation services
– interoperable identification systems
– repository handshaking (interoperable deposit systems), and
– repository organisation (supporting repositories around the world)
There’s more information and an update here:
There is also an option to sign up to this wiki / community.

Specifically now, there is a proposal for internationally coordinated work to enable repositories of OA research papers to share the citations therein. This is currently out for public review, and your comments would be most welcome. Please see the proposal here:
There are some 15-20 funders of repositories infrastructure around the world (like JISC in the UK) also looking at this proposal, with a view to funding the work it describes.


3 thoughts on “Sharing citations?

  1. Bruce D'Arcus

    What role is semantic web technology playing in this effort? Seems an obvious technology to use for this case.

  2. Neil Jacobs

    Thanks Bruce, I’d expect SW options to be considered. That *might* need to be balanced by the need to develop something that can be implemented relatively easily in a range of repositories. The OAI-ORE spec offers potential I’d have thought.

  3. Jonathan Rochkind

    I’ve been frustrated by my inability to (automatically) query a known repository to see if a known citation is in it. I know I’m looking for some article that I know is in Journal of Something, Volume 4, Issue 3, page 23. I want my software to check and see if this paper lives in a particular repo. I generally can’t.

    Sharing actual citation-chain type data seems an even more sophisticated problem, they seem to me to have skipped over the more basic problem still not solved! I hope someone is thinking about my use case.

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