Friday Highlights

As part of our weekly IE team call we like to end the call by going around and giving a quick reflective highlight of the week.  Many of these highlight are often about the projects we get to work with so we thought it was worth sharing some of them with you**.

  • Theo Andrew from EDINA has been managing the expectations of numerous stakeholders (from developers, to publishers to repository managers) and managing to keep them all engaged and interested while still keeping the focus of the project on track.  The outputs of OA-RJ have significant implications for helping fill repositories for more content and is worth keeping an eye on as it continues to move forward.
  • Anna Comas-Quinn from the Open University has achieved some significant process change by showing the value of openness for the LORO project.  The project has moved toward a far more open remit where its outputs will be openly accessible via the web and primarily licensed under Creative Commons when initially the remit of the project was essentially an institution only repository with significant layers of access control.

Theo and Anna well done and thanks for your hard work.

**DISCLAIMER:  Please know we realise how hard our projects work and we do greatly appreciate all of you who do so, however by coincidence these are a couple of names from projects that popped up in discussions this week which have impressed us with their project management skills.