Friday Highlights

As part of our weekly IE team call we like to end the call by going around and giving a quick reflective highlight of the week.  Many of these highlight are often about the projects we get to work with so we thought it was worth sharing some of them with you**.

  • The Enrich project at Glasgow has now finished and their repository is a very good example of how a system can be embedded into institutional processes. The enrich blog is already full of interesting posts but keep your eyes on the blog for a summary of the project’s achievements. We’re also looking at ways to build on Glasgow’s and other good work to help others with embedding repositories. Congratulations to William Nixon and his team for all their good work on this project.

  • Jim Downing as part of the Clarion project has written a really interesting post on the design principles that they are using in the Clarion project.  This planning approach is well worth noting; both in terms of the usefulness of the overall methodology, and in terms of the specific principles described. We would encourage other applicable projects to look at this approach to see if they can reuse the idea.

William and Jim well done to you and your teams for all your hard work, you are both greatley appreciated.

Also, to Jim (from all of us at the IE team) you will be greatly missed,  you have truly helped change Universities from all your hard work over the years.  Good luck with your future endeavors.

**DISCLAIMER:  Please know we realise how hard our projects work and we do greatly appreciate all of you who do so, however by coincidence these are a couple of names from projects that popped up in discussions this week which have impressed us with their project management skills.