Repositories and Research Information Management

On the 7th of May the Welsh Repository Network Enhancement Project put on an event focusing on examining the links between institutional repositories and research information management systems.

The event focused on bringing repository managers and research managers together to discuss shared issues and overall institutional responses to the issue of managing research.

There was a good range of presentations in the morning of the event which gave a variety of perspectives on the area:

The afternoon was focused on discussions around a number of key themes. I facilitated the Drivers theme and it turned out to be a rich and productive discussion as we not only identified the drivers for implementing research management systems in universities but also identified some of the ways the drivers can be addressed and a rough action plan for dealing with this area. Write ups from the Drivers session and from the other sessions are available from the Welsh Repository Network blog:

Overall I was really impressed with the atmosphere of the event, there was a lot of interesting discussion and everyone seemed really positive and enthusiastic over the approach their institutions were taking to research management and how the research system was or could be linked to the repository. The approaches taken were often very different which wasn’t a surprise considering the range of institutions represented. My colleagues at JISC have put together an excellent introduction to the area of research information management which includes all the projects we have currently funded in this area. Judging from the interesting things these projects are up to and from the enthusiasm at the event, this is an area worth keeping an eye on.

Congratulations to Jackie, Hannah and Anthony for putting on a really useful event.