Why you should know more about SWORD

Have you heard about SWORD but are unsure of why or how you should use it?

Members of the SWORD team will be running a free hands-on workshop at OR2010 that will provide an introduction to SWORD, some examples of how it can be used, and if you have a laptop you can try out some SWORD clients and have a go at making your own using an online SWORD client creation toolkit!

THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR EVERYONE! – Metadata librarian, repository manager, developers… come one, come all!

By the end of the workshop you’ll understand what SWORD is, how and where you should use it, and the new potential deposit avenues that it could open up for your repository.

Full details are at:

– http://or2010.fecyt.es/Publico/WorkShop/index.aspx#b3

It will run from 2:15 until 4:30 on Friday 9th July.

Please email us at swordapp@gmail.com to book a place on the workshop.