Sitting in a Workshop about Software Preservation

Neil Chue Hong from the Software Sustainability Institute is talking about the five purposes of software preservation.

Legal compliance

Create heritage value

Enable continued access to data

Encourage software reuse

Manage systems and services

I’m learning things here, which is not surprising given that I’m not a software developer. I’m hopeful that the outputs of the project that is responsible for this workshop – ‘Software Preservation’ (see their blog) should be of interest to a wider variety of people than just software developer teams. I think anyone who is interested in understanding what investing in software and development processes actually really means, and what the value of it is, and how that investment might be managed better … should get something out of the reports and recommendations that will be available at the very end of October 2010.

Thanks to Matt Shreeve from Curtis & Cartwright, and Neil Chue-Hong and the folks from the Software Sustainability Institute ( for putting this workshop together. And of course all the lovely people who have come along to engage with these issues.