RSS feed and twitter account for new JISC projects

There is a new, experimental RSS feed which will bring news of JISC innovation projects as they are funded:

This feed has also been used to create a twitter account that will tweet every new innovation project

These have been produced by my colleague Steve Wilton (@StephenCWilton) who has been working with PIMS, the database JISC uses to record details of all the projects we fund.

The feed and the twitter account are experimental so you may experience problems with the service and the data. Steve is working towards a more polished final product but we thought these would still be useful to people in their current state.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please leave them in the comments.

3 thoughts on “RSS feed and twitter account for new JISC projects

  1. TBCP Admin

    Good idea for twitter acount – thanks! I have added you to my JISC and Education UK Twitter lists now (@juliadesigns on Twitter)

  2. Andy McGregor Post author

    Thanks Martin. I agree, we definitely need more work to make the tweets useful. Steve is working on it.

    We have done those kind of aggregated newsfeeds for specific programmes see David Flanders’ jisclms planet: I’ve also experimented with tabbloid for those who don’t use rss feeds.

    I wonder if we did one from all jisc projects would it be too broad in terms of subject and also a little overwhelming (we have about 250 projects live on average). Any tips would be greatly appreciated


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