Research communications

The most recent quarterly report from the JISC-funded Research Communication Strategy (RCS) project is now available. The project is based at the Centre for Research Communications at the University of Nottingham, perhaps best known for their work as Sherpa. The report is based on discussions across the sector this year, and outlines trends and developments, mainly around Open Access. It assesses some of the recent evidence with respect to both ‘green’ and ‘gold’ OA, and the issues such as sustainability and IPR that emerge. RCS conclude, for example, that the academic sector should be much more active in retaining rights in research outputs. JISC and SURF (in the Netherlands) funded joint work a few years ago on how this might be done.

The report also discusses sector views of the ‘big deals’ by which many journal titles from a publisher are bundled and paid for together, concluding that there are strains on this model in the current economic climate, and noting an ongoing key role for JISC Collections.

There is increasing evidence, according to the report, of a focus on outcomes and impact of research, the contribution that OA can make to this, and the institutional infrastructure that is required and increasingly (at Glasgow, Newcastle, St Andrews and elsewhere) is being put in place, based around repositories and research information management systems. For those institutions looking to draw on recent work in these areas, the current JISC funding call provides a range of opportunities.