Speaking to JISC programme managers about the Call

Many people attended a briefing day in London yesterday where they had a chance to talk with JISC programme managers about the current Grant Funding Call. Programme managers are always happy to talk about a potential bid that you might be considering, to advise on scope issues and how a project might fit with the programme aims described in the Call document. While you can contact us at any time, at the briefing day we agreed that JISC programme managers would make an effort to set aside a time when they’d likely be free to speak to potential bidders, and that will be next Monday morning (18th).

Here are the contact details:
– Chris Brown (Identity Management toolkit) 07891 501177
– Josh Brown (Research Information Management) 07875 120019
– Neil Jacobs (Research Information Management) 07841 951303
– David Flanders (Geospatial, Identifiers) 07891 501194
– Andy McGregor (Activity data, Infrastructure for Resource Discovery) 07989 356452
– Neil Grindley (Preservation) 07816 277 573
– Balviar Notay (Repositories embedding and takeup) 07891 544023
– Amber Thomas (Sustaining “at risk” online resources) 07920 534933