Activity data call partnership brokering

Are you interested in bidding for the activity data strand of our current call but need a partner to strengthen your bid?

If so, then we are going to offer a lightweight partnership brokering service for this strand. If you are interested in finding a partner for your activity data bid then all you need to do is email me ( with the following information by the end of Thursday 28th of October:

  1. Institution
  2. Contact name and email
  3. Type of activity data you have in mind
  4. Type / skills of partner you are looking for

On the 1st of November I will email everyone who has contacted me with the details of everyone seeking partners. It will then be up to individuals to contact each other.

This service is just offered for the activity data strand as following on from the discussions at the briefing day we are aware that this may be a particularly thorny issue for this strand. If you are interested in identifying partners for other strands of the call then please contact the relevant programme manager to discuss it with them.