Aggregating and opening OpenURL data

EDINA runs a service called the OpenURL router. This service helps link the OpenURL resolvers run by institutions to information services provided by publishers and other suppliers. This service logs interesting and potentially useful activity data about the way that it is used and JISC have commissioned EDINA to investigate whether this data can be made openly available in a way that encourages reuse. EDINA will also investigate the possibility of encouraging institutions to release the activity data from their own OpenURL resolvers.

The influential Mesur project analysed OpenURL data and demonstrated that the activity data can be mined to produce rich and useful resources. The map of science and the interactive journal ranking service are particularly interesting.

As a first step in the project EDINA have put together a survey for all users of the OpenURL router and all those who administer an institutional OpenURL resolver. The survey is available now and I’d like to encourage people to take it as it is an important first step in making this exciting data available for reuse.