Funding round-up: learning materials

This post is a round-up of current funding opportunities as they relate to the management of learning materials. This is just highlights particular sections of the Calls where they might be of interest to readers with responsibilities for learning materials. Please check each Call for eligibility requirements as they differ according to funding streams.

Highlights are listed in order of bid deadline. I hope you find it useful.

There is two weeks to go to if you want to bid for JISC Grant Funding 06/11: JISC eContent Capital Programme: Call for Projects

Of particular interest:

A: Digitisation for Open Educational Resources (OER)  Release of digitised educational content for use and re-use on an open access basis through digitisation of special collections and subsequent creation of Open Educational Resources (OERs) for embedding in teaching and learning.  £1 m from November 2011-January 2013 8-12 projects between £75,000 and £125,000 each

Strand C: Clustering Digital Content  Bringing together existing, but currently scattered, digital content in innovative ways. Total £1 m. November 2011 – January 2013. 6-8 projects between £100,000 and £150,000 each

Deadline 15th August

* * *

Hovering on the horizon is the potential to make powerful links between open educational resources and the courses they belong to, so if you manage learning materials I would make sure you know if your institution is intending to participate in this: JISC Grant Funding 8/11: JISC ‘Course Data: Making the most of Course Information’ Capital Programme – Call for Letters of Commitment

Deadline 7th September

* * *

JISC Grant Funding 13/11: Digital Infrastructure: Information and Library Infrastructure – Resource Discovery Programme is worth looking at.

Resource Discovery:   Projects to develop services that aim to make content from museums, libraries and archives more visible and to develop innovative ways to reuse those resources. Projects should align with the Resource Discovery Taskforce vision. Bidders should note that a broad definition of content resources will be used for this call. £900,000 in total. £75,000-£200,000 per project. 5-12 projects. Nov 11-July 12

Deadline 12th September

* * *

On a related note, readers of this blog will also be interested in JISC Grant Funding 12/11: Digital Infrastructure Portfolio

Areas most relevant to learning materials:

Digital preservation: Active Case Studies Short focused and practical projects to kickstart exemplar activity and to provide input for building the business case for preservation (see above)  £75,000 4-6 projects Nov 11-Feb 12

Digital Preservation: Enhancing Capability within Institutions Projects to research, design implement and describe the incorporation of relevant and appropriate preservation training and advice into existing programmes (within UK HEIs) for staff skills development £100,000 3-4 projects Nov 11- July 12

Mobile Library: Developing Mobile Library Content Projects to undertake the development of prototypes for the delivery of content suitable for delivery to a range of mobile devices. £250,000 4-6 projects Nov 11-Aug 12

Mobile Library: m-Library Innovation Rapid innovation projects to explore the potential inherent in the ubiquitous nature of mobile devices with regard to the physical space, services, systems and collections of the library. £100,000, 4-6 projects Nov 11-May 12

Deadline 12th September

* * *

The next one to highlight is: JISC Grant Funding 11/11: Call for bids to participate in the JISC Transformations Programme

The objective of the Transformations Programme is to help institutions move towards organisational change through the application of existing JISC and other resources in order to:

a. Enhance their student experience
b. Improve the efficiency of their business and become agile in a climate of change
c. Enhance their organisational capability for business and community engagement

£1 million is available for this Programme in the 2011/12 Academic Year and this is the first of two rounds of calls.  The second is due to be published in early 2012 depending upon the level of funds remaining.  £15,000 per project is available to bidding institutions that are already committed to business change.

Deadline 15th September

* * *

There is also due to be a third phase of OER Funding from the joint Academy/JISC Programme. Following on from the announcement in May, we have been hard at work designing the next phase of the Programme. Grant Funded Call  for OER Phase 3 is now available. See link for details. Closing date 5th September.

I will again be leading on the technical and legal aspects of the OER Programme, and I plan to include a Rapid Innovation Call. The timing has yet to be confirmed, but expect to see a Call in the autumn for small 3-6 month projects focusing on meeting uses cases that support the management and sharing of open educational resources.

I hope this round-up is useful.

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