Draft Book on OER Technologies: Into The Wild

Opportunity to preview and contribute to a book about the technical themes emerging from three years of the UK OER Programme

Extract from Lorna Campbell’s blogpost:

The OER technology directions book that Amber, Phil, Martin and I drafted during a book sprint at the end of August is now almost complete. We even have a title!

Technology for Open Educational Resources – Into The Wild. Reflections on three years of the UK OER Programmes

We’ve spent the last few weeks, polishing, editing and amending the text and we would now like to invite colleagues who have an interest in technology and digital infrastructure for open educational resources to review and comment on the open draft.

We’re looking for short commentaries and feedback, either on the whole book, or on individual chapters. These commentaries will form the final chapter of the book. We want to know what rings true and what doesn’t. Have we missed any important technical directions that you think should be included? What do you think the future technical directions are for OER?

Note that the focus of this book is as much on real world current practice as on recommended or best practice. This book is not intended as a beginners guide or a technical manual, instead it is a synthesis of the key technical issues arising from three years of the UK OER Programmes. It is intended for people working with technology to support the creation, management, dissemination and tracking of open educational resources, and particularly those who design digital infrastructure and services at institutional and national level.

The chapters cover:

  • Defining OER
  • Resource management
  • Resource description
  • Licensing and attribution
  • SEO and discoverability
  • Tracking OERs
  • Paradata
  • Accessibility by Terry McAndrew, TechDis

UK OER projects from all phases of the Programme are encouraged to comment, and we would particularly welcome feedback from colleagues that are grounded in experience of designing and running OER services.

For more details, links and guidance on how to contribute, please see Lorna’s blogpost.

We wrote most of this as a booksprint: a writing retreat using collaborative authoring software. As well as continuing to write the book with the help of the community, we also have the fun of choosing cover designs and formats and print-on-demand options … it’s quite a learning curve and very rewarding. So now you all know what my family and friends will be getting for xmas 😉

Amber Thomas, JISC.