Week endNotes: Digital Infrastructure



It seems that all the cool kids produce weekly notes on their blogs reflecting back on the work that’s taken place over the week! Take a look at the Government’s Digital ServiceBerg and Doug Belshaw’s blog for some really good examples.

So, with these Week endNotes the plan is to reflect over the past week of work, events and general happenings from the Digital infrastructure team. This first week will have a definite library flavour about it…

Library Systems

  • First up is a slight cheat as this KualiOLE announcement was from last week! The community source library system Kuali Open Library Environment announced a further $750,000 in funding to help finish the development of the project. An important announcement for the project and for those institutions, in the US and elsewhere, who are watching the progress of the project.
  • The LMS Change landscape document has been published on the project blog which provides a very good overview of the current Library Systems landscape. Well worth a read if you can.

Library Analytics

  • This week saw the announcement of the very exciting Library Analytics and Metrics Project (jiscLAMP). The project will develop a shared library analytics service for UK HE. Stay tuned for more information soon!
  • There has also been the recent release of the Activity Data Report entitled: Delivering benefits from the data deluge. This is a great report and worth taking a look at for both background to the issues as well as the use-cases and implications for institutions in being able to effectively analyse and act upon data.
  • Finally, but by no means least, one of the most interesting posts on the blog last week was on Observing the Web by my colleague Neil Grindley. The post describes the work of the Web Science Trust and their aim to build a global network of Web Observatories providing an open analytics environment to drive new forms of Web research. The implications of this work seem significant – and is something of particular importance to the LAMP project and its aim to aggregate different data sets in order to under cover and describe new and useful narratives.
So that’s it for this week. Next week there won’t be a Week endNote as I am away for work (it seems the experiment is over before it begins!), but they’ll be back the week after.
As a final link, I thought it might be worth noting the release of the NMC Horizon Report for 2013. There’s all the kinds of things you’d expect to see: Mobile Apps, Augmented Reality and, of course, MOOCs. There’s also Wearable technologies and 3D printing a little further away on the horizon too!