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Digital Identifiers the New Persistent Identifiers

2011-12-02. British Library, London. The EU (FP7) funded Digoiduna project has come out with its recommendations on what it is calling “digital identifiers”, which (for lack of a better phrase) seems to be ‘a re-branding exercise’ for the “Persistent Identifiers” community.  However (as I understand it), “Digital Identifier” as used by the Digoiduna project is … Read more

Open Data Institute

A little bit of buzz going around the (virtual) office today as the Technology Strategy Board announces the ‘Open Data Institute’. Given the Digital Infrastructure Team’s investment and work in open data (not least the recently completed linkeddata programme, #jiscEXPO), we are hoping that the opportunity to collaborate in pushing forward the Open Data agenda … Read more

Lend Me Your Ears Dear University Web Managers!

This blog post is by David F. Flanders (JISC Programme Manager responsible for Identifiers) and Joss Winn (Project Manager of the ‘Linking You Toolkit’). They ask for your opinions on some potential future work that JISC would like to take forward on behalf of the sector. Lend Me Your Ears Dear University Web Managers! JISC … Read more

Visiting the Internet Archive

Note: David thought it would be fun to post this experience as it presents a potential solution to the questions we have been asking in the ‘Future of libraries‘ debate for the past year (but rarely see money put into brick and mortar – let alone Grecian facade): “how should we use the “library’s” physical … Read more

David F. Flanders presented at the Archives Forum at the National Archives yesterday. The presentation is available on slideshare at the following link: Plenary Presentation from Archives Forum at the National Archives Read more

Status update on Orcid (Name Author Identifier)

By David F. Flanders (Programme Manager for Identifiers in the Digital Infrastructure Team). David went to the Wellcome library in London this past Thursday to hear an update from the Orcid initiative.  Some quick updates follows… Orcid, yes you should all know about it (and yes it is spelled that way) – why? This is … Read more