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Addendum to ‘Enhancing Sustainability …’ section of 16/11 DI Call

The recently announced 16/11 JISC Digital Infrastructure Call contained a section (in Appendix B) called ‘Enhancing the Sustainability of Digital Collections’. £500,000 available for up to 10 projects. So far so good … please do consider bidding to this strand if you manage digital material and you are interested in issues around its sustainability. … Read more

AQUA Mashup Event in Leeds

I’ve just arrived in the pleasant surroundings of Weetwood Hall just outside the centre of Leeds and am delighted to find a dedicated group of expert developers toiling away developing solutions and working away on processes to help people to cope when they are suddenly faced with the ghastly prospect of discovering that some part … Read more

Sitting in a Workshop about Software Preservation

Neil Chue Hong from the Software Sustainability Institute is talking about the five purposes of software preservation. Legal compliance Create heritage value Enable continued access to data Encourage software reuse Manage systems and services I’m learning things here, which is not surprising given that I’m not a software developer. I’m hopeful that the outputs of … Read more

Halfway through the US Blue Ribbon Meeting

Greetings from Blue Ribbon Meeting again. Some interesting angles emerging from a variety of participants. Heard from Thomas Kalil this morning who works as a policy staffer at the White House in the Office of Science and Technology. (Is he perhaps what they call a ‘policy wonk’ … I don’t know. I should have paid closer … Read more

The Economics of Sustaining Digital Information

I’m in Washington to attend the US Symposium of the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access. Symposium programme – This is the end of a two year process of enquiry and analysis where  14 experts have had a series of meetings to consider what the economic implications are, and what economic … Read more

Data Management Policy – An Interview with Paul Taylor

Dr. Paul Taylor works at the University of Melbourne and has just finished a 2 week secondment in the UK with the JISC-funded EIDCSR (Embedding Institutional Data Curation Services in Research) project based in Oxford. This is an approximate transcript of a quick 5 minute interview between Paul and Neil Grindley (JISC Information Environment Programme … Read more

iPres 2009 – Preservation Infrastructure Track

In San Francisco at iPres sitting in the preservation infrastructure track. Stephen Abrams (CDL) is telling us about micro-curation services. Lots of clear categorisation of types of services that institutions might require. Currently talking about storage requirements. Provide for safety through redundancy, meaning through context, utility through service. Rattling through too fast to capture detail. … Read more