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Data in Nature

Finally got around to looking at the article on data that appeared on the Nature website last week. Very nice to see JISC mentioned so positively in the editorial. They mention the Digital Curation Centre by name which is obviously one of the key pieces of support and infrastructure that JISC is funding to … Read more

New arrivals on the JISC IE Team

The JISC IE team is delighted to welcome some new faces to its ranks. Ben Wynne has come to JISC after most recently being the Deputy Librarian at the University of the West of England and brings considerable experience to his new role as Programme Manager focusing on the Digital Libraries area. His first task at JISC … Read more

Records Management 2.0

It’s a sorry thing to admit, but I have to say that reading a whole book has become something of a distant memory for me these days! So … nice to be able to put that right by racing through Steve Bailey’s new book from cover to cover. It’s called ‘Managing the Crowd: Rethinking records management for the … Read more

iPres 2008

The 5th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects took place at the British Library at the start of this week, as anyone who looked at the Guardian on Tuesday might have noticed. It was a confident and very well organised conference and seemed to reflect the fact that the field of Digital Preservation is … Read more

Energy Efficient ICT

I learnt all sort of things last week at a workshop in Cardiff.  The power consumption of various bits of an average server for instance. Power supply unit – 38w Fan – 10w CPU – 80w Memory – 36w Disks – 12w Slots – 50w Motherboard – 25w I learnt that you lose roughly 50% … Read more

Open Standards

I recently attended two completely separate but thematically related events on the nature of openness within digital technology. The first of these was a lecture by Jonathan Zittrain entitled ‘The Future of the Internet And How to Stop It’ – organised by the Oxford Internet Institute. His central contention was that we are increasingly seeing … Read more

Significant Properties

   Around 150 people came to an event at the British Library a few weeks ago (April 7th) to discuss current research into the ‘Significant Properties of Digital Objects’. Significant properties are essential attributes of a digital object which affect its appearance, behaviour, quality and usability, and which must be preserved over time for the digital object to … Read more