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JISC Programme Director, Digital Infrastructure (Information Environment)

Some reflections on the Berlin 11 conference, Berlin November 2013.

The following are some things I particularly noticed at the Berlin 11 open access conference, which I attended earlier this week, with apologies for any misunderstandings, misattributions or mis-categorisations. Vision The research and education enterprise is in need of urgent transformation (Manfred Laubichler, Arizona State University) The epistemic web: a universal and traceable web of … Read more

Sustaining OA infrastructure

The Knowledge Exchange, of which JISC is a member, has just released a report on the sustainability of OA services and infrastructure. The report identifies services that are considered critical, and what they are critical for. It then considers the perspectives of a range of stakeholders, and considers the value offered to them by these … Read more

New Digital Infrastructure Grant Funding Call

JISC’s Digital Infrastructure innovation team is aiming to release a Grant Funding call at the end of this month. It’s aim is to fund work to enable the UK Further and Higher Education communities to improve the digital infrastructure in the areas of managing research data, library systems, disciplinary vocabularies, access and identity management, research … Read more

FAQ for JISC grant funding calls

There are a couple of grant funding calls out at the moment from the Digital Infrastructure team. These are in the areas of infrastructure for resource discovery and a combined call covering preservation, research information management and library infrastructure. This post summarises some questions and answers related to those calls. You’re welcome to post further … Read more

OA news from Nottingham

The latest report from the JISC-funded Research Communication Strategy project at the University of Nottingham claims that the intellectual battle for Open Access has been won and asks why, then, the widespread adoption of OA practice seems so distant? Too often, researchers seem to associate OA with concerns about copyright, peer review and questions about … Read more

Research communications

The most recent quarterly report from the JISC-funded Research Communication Strategy (RCS) project is now available. The project is based at the Centre for Research Communications at the University of Nottingham, perhaps best known for their work as Sherpa. The report is based on discussions across the sector this year, and outlines trends and developments, … Read more