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JISC Programme Director, Digital Infrastructure (Information Environment)

JISC and Open Access

We’ve just published an account of Open Access and JISC’s contributions to it over the years: It covers how OA meets institutional and sector demands for sustainable efficiency and effectiveness in scholarly communication, how work in the UK fits into a wider international picture, and how it works for stakeholders including researchers, institutions and … Read more

Repositories and Research Management Systems

There have been discussions over the years about the potential of repositories to play a role in research management systems, supporting universities’ ability to report, for example, for the Research Assessment Exercise. A few universities have gone down that road a long way, while others have not. Indeed, various surveys (eg infoNet work) suggest that … Read more

Sharing citations?

An international workshop in Amsterdam in March, funded by JISC, SURF and DRIVER, discussed work needed to improve interoperability between repositories. Four areas of work were focused upon: – citation services – interoperable identification systems – repository handshaking (interoperable deposit systems), and – repository organisation (supporting repositories around the world) There’s more information and an … Read more