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Mobile discovery: don’t retro-fit; invent!

The following is a version of an article that was printed in the March edition of Cilip Update.   When confronted with new technologies we often fail, early in their existence, to exploit the opportunities offered by the new medium. We retro-fit existing solutions rather than inventing new experiences. The Canadian philosopher of communication and … Read more

Does the library have a role to play in the Digital Humanities?

What role does the library have to play in the increasingly data driven, technologically evolving humanities? Humanities and the social sciences have traditionally been disciplines aligned closely with the institutional library and its resources and services. Increasingly, in my conversations with librarians, there is a concern that while the library as a space remains popular, … Read more

The Squeezed Middle: Exploring the Future of Library Systems

Last week saw a two-day workshop, held at Warwick University, exploring the future of library systems.  I wanted to briefly highlight the format of the two days, and reflect on some of the outcomes from the event.  In particular, how the workshop has helped inform a new funding call that will be published in early … Read more

Making OER visible and findable

CETIS has recently updated our guidance to OER Projects. To supplement this, we’ve been thinking about how to ensure that your content is as findable as possible. There are many routes to finding the content released by UK OER projects, including through Jorum, Xpert and search engines. Myself and David Kernohan have drafted the following … Read more