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The JISC ebooks universe

My colleague Ben Showers has recently been looking across the work taking place around digital books in all their forms: open textbooks, digital monographs, epub, web-based books. For educational institutions the need to keep up with the content needs of learners and researchers is paramount but so much is happening at the moment, with hardware, … Read more

New Digital Infrastructure Grant Funding Call

JISC’s Digital Infrastructure innovation team is aiming to release a Grant Funding call at the end of this month. It’s aim is to fund work to enable the UK Further and Higher Education communities to improve the digital infrastructure in the areas of managing research data, library systems, disciplinary vocabularies, access and identity management, research … Read more

Information Environment Rapid Innovation Grants

We (Andy, Amber, Balviar, David, James) are happy to announce that we are about to issue a new Grant-Funded Call for rapid innovation projects within the Information Environment on 6 March 2009.  You’ll be able to read all the text about what money is available and the conditions for using it in more detail in … Read more

Manuel Castells and Open Access

Manuel Castells and Professor John Barrow featured in a recent edition of the Forum programme on the BBC World Service. It was an interesting discussion, touching on Castells’ view of the emerging network organisation and society, and Professor Barrow’s observations on scientific practice in that context. Castells sees ICT as affording advantage to organisational arrangements … Read more