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Making the most of open content: why we need to understand use

At the JISC conference next week I have organised a session on “Making the most of open content: stories from the frontier” “Over the years JISC has funded many projects to support sustainable open working and release of content. So what are people doing with all this “stuff”? This session will bring together ideas of … Read more

OA news from Nottingham

The latest report from the JISC-funded Research Communication Strategy project at the University of Nottingham claims that the intellectual battle for Open Access has been won and asks why, then, the widespread adoption of OA practice seems so distant? Too often, researchers seem to associate OA with concerns about copyright, peer review and questions about … Read more

Research communications

The most recent quarterly report from the JISC-funded Research Communication Strategy (RCS) project is now available. The project is based at the Centre for Research Communications at the University of Nottingham, perhaps best known for their work as Sherpa. The report is based on discussions across the sector this year, and outlines trends and developments, … Read more

JISC and Open Access

We’ve just published an account of Open Access and JISC’s contributions to it over the years: It covers how OA meets institutional and sector demands for sustainable efficiency and effectiveness in scholarly communication, how work in the UK fits into a wider international picture, and how it works for stakeholders including researchers, institutions and … Read more

An Audience with the Prime Minister and Britain’s Digital Future aka BBDF

London, King’s Cross, The Hub. Friday last I (David F. Flanders) received an email from Her Majesty’s Office of the Public Sector inviting me to attend an event at 7.30am on a Monday morning (ugh – a lovely morning though) called “Building Britain’s Digital Future” event. I thought it would have something to do with … Read more

An update on PIRUS2 and article level usage statistics

The PIRUS2 (Publisher and Insitutional Repository Usage Statistics) project – which I blogged about briefly in September and which is exploring technical, organisational and economic issues in collecting and aggregating article usage statistics from repositories and publishers – has now been underway for a few months. The project plan is available from the JISC Web … Read more

Sharing citations?

An international workshop in Amsterdam in March, funded by JISC, SURF and DRIVER, discussed work needed to improve interoperability between repositories. Four areas of work were focused upon: – citation services – interoperable identification systems – repository handshaking (interoperable deposit systems), and – repository organisation (supporting repositories around the world) There’s more information and an … Read more