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Jisc LAMP – Shedding Light on Library Data and Metrics

The current buzz and enthusiasm around data is difficult to avoid. Whether it’s the challenges of ‘big data’, the potential of data-driven techniques, or simply the power and clarity of data visualisations; data is inescapably entwined with much of what we do, and the systems and services we provide and use. Long before we were all swept … Read more

RSS feed and twitter account for new JISC projects

There is a new, experimental RSS feed which will bring news of JISC innovation projects as they are funded: This feed has also been used to create a twitter account that will tweet every new innovation project These have been produced by my colleague Steve Wilton (@StephenCWilton) who has been working with PIMS, … Read more

Creating A Unique Tag Your Project: for Blogs, Microblogs and other Distributed Web Content

Recently we’ve been recommending that more projects use a “unique tag” as their project identifier.  This is primarily because we are seeing more projects effectively use blogs, twitter, flickr, and several other distributed Web tools as their primary project tools (the JISCRI projects posted 500+ posts in six months)**.  Aside: Make sure to see … Read more