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Innovation Takeaway – lessons from the information environment

There are a few places up for grabs for Innovation Takeaway – our event to discuss some of the lessons from the information environment programme 2009-11. The event is free to attend and will take place at Aston University’s Lakeside Conference Centre on Thursday April 7th. This event is a chance for programme participants and … Read more

Status update on Orcid (Name Author Identifier)

By David F. Flanders (Programme Manager for Identifiers in the Digital Infrastructure Team). David went to the Wellcome library in London this past Thursday to hear an update from the Orcid initiative.  Some quick updates follows… Orcid, yes you should all know about it (and yes it is spelled that way) – why? This is … Read more

Research communications

The most recent quarterly report from the JISC-funded Research Communication Strategy (RCS) project is now available. The project is based at the Centre for Research Communications at the University of Nottingham, perhaps best known for their work as Sherpa. The report is based on discussions across the sector this year, and outlines trends and developments, … Read more

Event Report: Gaining Business Intelligence from User Activity (July 2010)

On 14th July 2010 David Kay from Sero Consulting facilitated the above workshop, which built on the findings of the JISC MOSAIC project.  The event report and presentations from the workshop are now available. The following are few reflections from the workshop: There are a small number of projects (e.g. MOSAIC, PIRUS2 and Journals Usage Statistics … Read more

Open Educational Resources e-Infrastructure Update

Back in 2008 I helped define the technical requirements for the UK OER Programme .  We were very keen to have as minimal technical requirements as possible so that we can find out what choices people make, for example, decisions about their metadata, and we wanted to see how people use different platforms, as individuals … Read more

Repositories and Research Information Management

On the 7th of May the Welsh Repository Network Enhancement Project put on an event focusing on examining the links between institutional repositories and research information management systems. The event focused on bringing repository managers and research managers together to discuss shared issues and overall institutional responses to the issue of managing research. There was … Read more

Halfway through the US Blue Ribbon Meeting

Greetings from Blue Ribbon Meeting again. Some interesting angles emerging from a variety of participants. Heard from Thomas Kalil this morning who works as a policy staffer at the White House in the Office of Science and Technology. (Is he perhaps what they call a ‘policy wonk’ … I don’t know. I should have paid closer … Read more