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Energy Efficient ICT

I learnt all sort of things last week at a workshop in Cardiff.  The power consumption of various bits of an average server for instance. Power supply unit – 38w Fan – 10w CPU – 80w Memory – 36w Disks – 12w Slots – 50w Motherboard – 25w I learnt that you lose roughly 50% … Read more

Research data curation

Back last year, following the Digital Curation Conference in Washington DC, JISC and the Andrew J Mellon Foundation hosted an international workshop to discuss and suggest where the international priorities are for research and development work supporting academic research data curation. It’s taken a while for the notes to become available, for which I apologise, … Read more

Is this an effective development community?

The information environment, and repositories in particular, were highlighted by Sir Ron Cooke (JISC chair), in his opening keynote at the JISC conference. (See the online conference proceedings.) He described the vision of a national e-infrastructure supporting the “body of knowledge” at the centre. He told delegates that “[his] nightmare is the challenge of the … Read more

Training for JISC project staff starting up and enhancing repositories

The Repositories and Preservation Programme contains a strand called start up and enhancement. This is our straight talking strand in that all the projects are either starting up a new repository or enhancing an established one. One of the interesting things about this strand is that all the funding for projects was provided on a … Read more