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Blogging the ebooks landscape

Over the next few weeks we plan to blog a series of posts covering some of the main topics surround the creation, curation and consumption of ebooks in teaching, learning and research. There’s little doubt about the growing use and importance of ebooks within universities. Statistics compiled by the University of York, for example, show … Read more

The value and impact of the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC)

Jisc[i] in partnership with NERC[ii]  have commissioned work to examine the value of impact of the British Atmospheric Data Centre (BADC). Charles Beagrie Ltd, the Centre for Strategic Economic Studies Victoria University, and the British Atmospheric Data Centre are pleased to announce key findings for the forthcoming publication of the results of the study on … Read more

Technology developers: local, connected and strategic

Further / Higher Education (F/HE) in the UK is in the fortunate position to have talented and experienced developers working in its organisations, driving both service development and applied research. Because of this, developers in F/HE frequently contribute to a particularly rich source of technical innovation to the sector. At ALT-C Paul Walk and I … Read more

Sustaining OA infrastructure

The Knowledge Exchange, of which JISC is a member, has just released a report on the sustainability of OA services and infrastructure. The report identifies services that are considered critical, and what they are critical for. It then considers the perspectives of a range of stakeholders, and considers the value offered to them by these … Read more

Open data challenges

There was an interesting report released yesterday on the UK Government’s progress towards their open data goals. The report revealed that the Government was on track in terms of the volume of data released but it highlighted some significant challenges that need to be addressed in order to ensure the data is useful to those … Read more

CASRAI in the UK and beyond…

Great progress is being made on the emerging UK community working with CASRAI (Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information). We are drawing together members of our existing research information management network, other subject experts and our CERIF friends to drive this exciting collaboration forward. We now have the kernel for a UK standards committee … Read more

UK Copyright – Update

As part of its implementation work following the Hargreaves Review of IP, the Intellectual Property Office has just published the Government’s policy on modernising copyright licensing following the latest consultation to which JISC amongst others has submitted various responses. In this policy, the Government has signalled its intention to publish draft legislation to … Read more

Digital Identifiers the New Persistent Identifiers

2011-12-02. British Library, London. The EU (FP7) funded Digoiduna project has come out with its recommendations on what it is calling “digital identifiers”, which (for lack of a better phrase) seems to be ‘a re-branding exercise’ for the “Persistent Identifiers” community.  However (as I understand it), “Digital Identifier” as used by the Digoiduna project is … Read more