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Connecting people through open content

In open educational resources and open access research, there is a strong emphasis about how they can support the exchange of content and understanding between people, with a focus on academic-to-academic, teacher-to-learner, and sometimes learner-to-learner. In this blog post I’d  like to unpack how OER and OA can help connect academics with the public and … Read more

Funding round-up: learning materials

This post is a round-up of current funding opportunities as they relate to the management of learning materials. This is just highlights particular sections of the Calls where they might be of interest to readers with responsibilities for learning materials. Please check each Call for eligibility requirements as they differ according to funding streams. Highlights … Read more

Marketing and other dirty words

I have been thinking a lot recently about how to move beyond the rhetoric of “open equals good” towards identifying where open approaches help us meet key business cases. A notable quote from the Power of Open book launch was that “open isn’t a business model, its a part of a business model”. I’m seeing … Read more

Making the most of open content: why we need to understand use

At the JISC conference next week I have organised a session on “Making the most of open content: stories from the frontier” “Over the years JISC has funded many projects to support sustainable open working and release of content. So what are people doing with all this “stuff”? This session will bring together ideas of … Read more