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OER Funding: Technical mini projects and Literature Review

There is funding available for two areas relating to open educational resources. Technical mini projects JISC has provided CETIS with funding to commission a series of OER Technical Mini Projects to explore specific technical issues that have been identified by the community during CETIS events such as #cetisrow and #cetiswmd and which have arisen from … Read more

Making OER visible and findable

CETIS has recently updated our guidance to OER Projects. To supplement this, we’ve been thinking about how to ensure that your content is as findable as possible. There are many routes to finding the content released by UK OER projects, including through Jorum, Xpert and search engines. Myself and David Kernohan have drafted the following … Read more

Open Educational Resources e-Infrastructure Update

Back in 2008 I helped define the technical requirements for the UK OER Programme .  We were very keen to have as minimal technical requirements as possible so that we can find out what choices people make, for example, decisions about their metadata, and we wanted to see how people use different platforms, as individuals … Read more